Disney for Kids

Disney for Kids is Pure Magic

Since 1992, Disney for Kids has sent over 2,000 at-risk kids to Walt Disney World in Florida. Nobody is better qualified to convey the Disney for Kids impact than Mary Scannell, VP of Education at the…

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Marilyn Rodman Theatre for Kids

Summer at the Theatre: Disney’s Newsies

To help kick off the long-awaited summer vacation, we sent 500 kids to the Boston Opera House to see Disney’s Newises on July 1 as part of our Marilyn Rodman Theatre for Kids initiative…

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Ride for Kids

Why Ride Day is Better Than Christmas

Ride Day. An early fall Saturday that has become a tradition for cyclists, volunteers, and non-profit staff. Some riders, like George Forte, are even rumored to say they love Ride Day more than Christmas…

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