Impacting Confidence with ConfiKids

Hadassah is able to participate in gymnastics lessons as a result of funds raised from the Ride for Kids.

ConfiKids has participated in the Rodman Ride for Kids since 2017, the year that the organization was founded. When speaking of the impact that the Ride has on their organization, ConfiKids’ Founder and Executive Director Rachel Calabrese said, “Although our organization hosts and participates in many fundraising efforts, this event has been the one consistent way we have engaged volunteers, raised necessary funds and networked with other nonprofits for support and advice. It truly has been an effort that our organization depends on each year to fund hundreds of children in their enrichment, sports, music, and arts programs.”  

More specifically, the funds raised through the Rodman Ride for Kids has a direct impact on kids. “Very soon after our first Ride, Mary (a ConfiKids beneficiary) grandmother applied for funds to help fund singing lessons,” Calabrese said.  Mary was nonverbal, but her grandparents often heard her singing and felt lessons may help her confidence level and eventually help her to become verbal again. Because of these lessons, Mary ended up singing in school concerts and now regularly engages with family and peers. “The sort of impact on one child truly exemplified how earned funds through RRFK improved a child’s life,” Rachel shares. 

 Another example of how the funds raised at the Ride impact kids directly includes  Hadassah, the only girl in a family of four siblings. “With a younger sibling who has significant health challenges and the family dealing with financial hardships, gymnastics would not have been a possibility. She also suffers from painful psoriasis triggered from stress,” Calabrese explained. Money raised from the Ride financially supported Hadassah’s gymnastics lessons and the benefits are immeasurable.  

 In addition to individual needs, ConfiKids was also able to fund 60 inner city kids of limited financial means to play soccer with Blues Soccer Academy in a 6-week program this past summer. “Through the funds we raised through the Ride, we gave the opportunity to participate instead of sitting on the sidelines,” Calabrese shared. “This opportunity each summer gives children a chance to grow and develop as players at a time they need it most, before high school, so they have a chance to participate on a team in such challenging years. The funds we earn from the Ride impact these 60 children by increasing their confidence and skills in a sport they love.” 

 All of these impact stories and more can be found on the ConfiKids website.

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