Meet The Affiliates – Sibling Connections

Sibling Connections’ mission is to support the creation of enduring family relationships and community connections for sisters and brothers separated by the foster care system in Massachusetts.

While we haven’t been able to run in-person programming for siblings separated by foster care, we have been working hard to make sure our families have what they need during the expended home time and have been connecting siblings virtually through Zoom chats. Many of our siblings haven’t seen one another in months and seeing their smiles when they connect via video chat is so rewarding. Our youth are extremely resilient but they will need their sibling connections even more after coming through this pandemic, where they have felt even more isolated and lonely for their siblings.

We are currently connecting with foster families to make sure they have the resources they need during this crisis, we are arranging Zoom chats between siblings who can’t see one another in person (they live in separate foster homes) and are running “virtual’ Sibling Sundays through Zoom – We just visited a horse farm on Sunday and the kids got to ask questions, interact with the farmers, and each other.

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