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To leverage the power and platform that sports and athletes have in our culture to motivate at-risk kids to participate in transformative educational programs.

Over 110,000 kids throughout New England have experienced our bullying prevention program, Boston vs. Bullies, which is our video-based program that leverages the power of sports to stop bullying in our communities at large. Boston vs. Bullies can be delivered by a Boston vs. Bullies facilitator or a teacher can get trained in the program to deliver to his/her students. We provide this program free of charge to all schools and organizations. If any school or organization is interested in the program, they can email Michelle Gormley at

Cyberbullying has increased during quarantine since kids are spending more time at home on their phones, gaming systems, computers, etc. So we created a Boston vs. Bullies cyberbullying game called “Boston vs. Cyberbullying”. This is an online, interactive skills-based game that teachers or parents can use with their kids at any time. The game can be played all together in a virtual classroom (such as Google Classroom) or kids can complete the game on their own time. If anyone would like access to the game for free of charge, they can email Michelle Gormley at

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