Disney For Kids

For every $25 you donate to Disney for Kids by August 31, you'll get a chance to win 4 orchestra tickets to see Hamilton at the Boston Opera House on October 24th!   

What is Disney for Kids?

Disney for Kids is an initiative of Rodman for Kids that, every August since 1992, has been sending at-risk kids on all expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World.  Over 2,400 kids have been on the trip.

Who are the Kids?  

The kids and teens chosen to participate in a Disney trip have proven themselves to be leaders, through their excellent school attendance and effort a well as their extra-curricular activities.  Most of the attendees hail from Dorchester, and would not  typically have an opportunity to visit Walt Disney World.

Why is Disney for Kids Important? 

A trip to Walt Disney World is not a necessity.  But, for kids who have never even been on a plane or stayed in a hotel, it is life changing.  By gaining independence, making new friends, and visiting the Happiest Place on Earth, kids' horizons are broadened.  Most of all, the kids get to just be kids.  Their days in Disney are filled with awe and laughter.