We are excited to be getting back on the road for the 31st Annual Rodman Ride for Kids on September 25!   As always, our top priority is the health and safety of our riders, volunteers, guests, and staff.  In addition to fielding a limited pool of riders this year, we have implemented a number of guidelines with consideration to COVID-19.

2021 Ride for Kids- New Health & Safety Guidelines:


  • We invite our unvaccinated riders, volunteers, and guests to enjoy the Ride while wearing masks at all times at Headquarters and Water Stops, except when actively eating or drinking.  All volunteers will be required to wear a mask throughout their shift.
  • Any person entering a tent, restroom, or other enclosed space will be required to wear a mask.
  • Riders will be asked to allow for generous personal space when queued at the Start Line.  We will also ask that riders wear masks at the Start Line, removing them once on the road when it is safe to do so and without littering.
  • In addition to the typical liability waiver that both riders and volunteers sign, there will be an additional requirement to attest to lack of COVID symptoms, known exposure, or pending / positive COVID test results.
  • All Road Crew volunteers will be required to wear masks when picking up riders, and riders being assisted or picked up will be required to do the same
  • Signs will be placed in key areas to remind all riders, volunteers, and guests to adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines.



  • Areas where guests tend to be in close quarters, like the BBQ tent, will have chalked lines to encourage social distancing.
  • Additional hand-wash stations and hand sanitizer stations will be added.
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer will be placed on each table at the BBQ, breakfast, etc.
  • Complimentary disposable masks will be available at the Hospitality tent for anyone who needs them.
  • All beverages at the water tables, BBQ, and breakfast tent will be in individual bottles; there will be no pouring from shared gallon-size containers.
  • All food preparation will take place at Ride HQ, under the supervision of an event manager, to ensure masks and gloves are worn and all safety protocols are adhered to.
  • All desserts and salads will be individually packaged, either at the food-safe facility donating them or at Ride HQ under the supervision of an event manager, to ensure masks and gloves are worn and all safety protocols are adhered to.
  • We will offer to-go containers and bags so that guests who do not feel comfortable staying for the BBQ may still enjoy the meal at home.


Thank you for helping us create a safe and fun Ride experience, and most of all for your commitment to helping kids. We cannot wait to see you on September 25th

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