Theatre = Safe Space

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On Tuesday, November 2, the Marilyn Rodman Theatre for Kids program welcomed 500 kids to the Citizen’s Bank Opera House for the premiere of “Hadestown.” The Opera House was closed for almost two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, so the energy was electric as theater returned to Boston. 

Holbrook Middle/High School teacher, Mary Clougher, was in the audience as a chaperone at “Hadestown.” Clougher has partnered with Theatre for Kids for years and said, “the impact that this has had on students is immeasurable!” She went on to say that theatre is a “safe space” for many of her students and “it allows students to express their creativity in so many different ways in a community of peers who support and respect each other. She said that many of her students are now involved in their theater program at the school and that “it doesn’t matter if you are the lead, an ensemble member, stage crew, sound and lighting, or the directors. We are all a team!”

Clougher went on to say that the experience of going into Boston to see live, professional, theater has a profound impact on her students. “The look of wonder and awe on the students’ faces as they walk in the building and absorb the beautiful architecture is amazing. Many of our students have never been in the city before, never mind live theater!”

As a result of the Theatre for Kids program, Clougher said she has “a school wide culture of support and respect for the Performing Arts.” She said one of the big questions in school is “what musical are we doing and how soon can you tell us?” She is so grateful to Rodman for Kids for giving her students these experiences.

To learn more about the Marilyn Rodman Theatre for Kids program, click HERE.

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