There’s No Place Like the Theatre

60,000 kids confirm: there is no place like the theatre.

For more than 75 years, The Wizard of Oz has captured the hearts of adults and children alike. A film for the ages, the only thing better than watching the movie at home is seeing the beloved characters come to life on stage.

So, when Wizard of Oz: The Musical, announced a run at the Citi Performing Arts Center, we knew it was the perfect show for our Marilyn Rodman Theatre for Kids Program. 1,500 kids were able to see the show during their spring vacation!

The Marilyn Rodman Theatre for Kids program endeavors to broaden the horizons of at-risk youth and foster a lifelong appreciation of performing arts by exposing kids to live, professional theatre.

Since 2003, when Marilyn Rodman famously reminded her husband, Rodman for Kids President Don Rodman, that there is “another world out there besides sports,” nearly, 60,000 kids have seen their first live, professional theatre production.

Tickets are purchased at discounted rates through our partners, like the Citi Performing Arts Center, then distributed to our youth-focused partners in Greater Boston.

The kids attending the Wizard of Oz show hailed from 50 youth-focused nonprofit organizations as well as public and private schools. Teachers and program directors carefully choose attendees who would not otherwise have the opportunity to go to a professional theatre production. They also had the unique opportunity to meet Dorothy herself while enjoying some Wizard-themed activities before the show!

Did the kids enjoy it? You bet! Their smiles and laughter lit up The Wang Theater that afternoon, and then hand-written and illustrated thank you notes came rolling in. Here’s what some of them had to say:



“My favorite scene was when the tornado was forming. It felt so real and there was so much suspense!”

“The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie and I can’t believe I got to see it live! It was my first time at a fancy theater!”

“I never would have got to see it without you!”

“My favorite part was when Dorothy got back to her home, because she got to see her family again.”

“I didn’t think anyone would do anything like this for a bunch of kids in a residential program. I am so excited, I can’t even explain it!”

There’s no place like the theatre.

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