Impact Report

Dear Friends,

A better future begins with investing in the youth in our communities. 

Your support and investment in 2022 helped us provide comprehensive support to more than 40 youth organizations that collectively serve thousands of kids across Eastern Massachusetts. 

I sincerely hope you will enjoy learning more about the impact we were able to make, with your help. 

Rodman for Kids is committed to shining a light on possibilities and potential and providing access to a better future for kids in need of support, as we have for more than 30 years. Thank you for your continued partnership.


Amy Rossman, Executive Director

In this year’s report…

Charity Partners

Rodman for Kids believes in the power of collaboration, working with 40+ youth-focused non-profit organizations as true partners to support the most vulnerable young people in our communities.

What We Did

Charity Partner Program

Rodman for Kids provides comprehensive support, including fundraising and organizational resources, to youth-focused charities of all sizes—from passion projects in the incubation stage to established community youth organizations to hospital pediatric units.

Youth Programs

3,100 kids broadened their horizons by experiencing the Theatre for Kids and Disney for Kids programs in 2022. 


We are proud to count each of our donors among our family, friends, supporters, partners, and champions. Thank you for your commitment to ensuring every young person gains access to the programs, resources, and opportunities they need to dream, grow, and succeed!


Together, we raised $4.83 million for children in 2022.