Leadership Development Community

Rodman for Kids believes in the power of collaboration, working together with 40+ youth-focused non-profit organizations as a true partner to support the young people in our communities.

Building Collaborations Between Nonprofit Leaders

Rodman for Kids provides comprehensive support, including fundraising and organizational resources, to youth-focused charities of all sizes—from passion projects in the incubation stage to established community youth organizations to hospital pediatric units. In addition to financial support, Rodman for Kids provides space and programs for collaboration, networking, professional development, and best practices for our Charity Partners.

Professional & Leadership Development

Rodman for Kids brings together the leaders and staff of our Charity Partners to create a collaborative peer learning and support community, building their knowledge & capacity through professional and leadership development opportunities. Through these convenings, we are able to stay proximate to their work and responsive to their needs in real time. By bringing these organizations and leaders together on a regular basis, we also create the conditions for deep relationships and new partnerships to be formed well beyond the space we hold with them.

  • Rider Recruitment, Virtual Program, & Communicating Incentives
  • Marketing Your Ride Campaign
  • Partner Recruitment Successes & Challenges
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Best Practices: How to Make the Ride for Kids a Difference-Maker in your Organization
  • How to Run a Ride Campaign
  • Year Round Fundraising
  • Making the Ask
  • Development & Acquiring New Donors
  • Fundraising Forum: Sharing What Works and What Doesn’t
  • Rider Recruitment, Engagement, & Fundraising Open Discussion
  • Gala & Auction Management Platforms Open Discussion
  • How to Manage Social Media for Your Nonprofit in 20 Minutes Per Day with Julia Campbell
  • PR Planning
  • Strategic Planning with Margot Hoerrner
  • Changes in Social Media Over the Past Year and Where You Should Be Focusing Your Efforts with Joe Waters
  • The Two Sides of Marketing: A Look Into the Left and Right Brain Aspects of Delivering
    Your Marketing Message with Spencer Collier
  • Developing a 30-Day Ride for Kids Social Media Campaign with Joe Waters
  • Activating Your Donors Through Digital Storytelling with Spencer Collier
  • How Do You Use the Ride in September as a Hook for Your PR/Marketing? with Marlo Fogelman
  • getConnected – The Value of Leveraging Digital Marketing to Create Connections and Sustainability with Getfused
  • Emotion Roadmap to Organizational Success with Chuck Wolfe
  • Intentional Board Development with Michael Fournier
  • Brand Evolution with Spencer Collier
  • Poverty, Equity, and Social Impact with Tiziana Dearing
  • The Impact of Positive Youth Development Programs on The Commonwealth’s Kids & Families with Former Massachusetts First Lady Lauren Baker
  • Outlook Secrets with Ed Doherty
  • We Want to Have an Event. Now What? with Leora Kimmel Greene
  • Navigating the Changing Tides of Tech: Implications & Strategies for Nonprofits with Julia Campbell
  • How to Drive Donations with Storytelling – Even Around Difficult Issues with Julia Campbell
  • How to Capitalize on Fundraising & Tell Your Story at Your Event with Leora Kimmel Greene