Who Needs a Bike to Make a Difference?

Become a Virtual Rider and help make a difference for over ¼ million Massachusetts kids without ever getting on a bicycle! A Virtual Rider is anyone who is passionate about the Rodman Ride for Kids mission to help every kid live as we would want our own kids to live, but who will not be cycling on Ride Day. Virtual Riders who raise at least $500 will receive a Rodman Ride for Kids 25th Anniversary shirt.

“But how will I get my friends and family to donate if I’m not riding?” That’s where your creativity comes in! While you don’t need to participate in an activity to be a Virtual Rider, those who connect their fundraising with a tangible activity have the most success and the most fun. Here are some of our favorite ideas to get your wheels turning:

Physical Activities

  • Ride 25 miles on a stationary bicycle
  • Walk 100 miles in 100 days
  • Swim 50 laps
  • Ride the exact Ride route on a different day
  • Ride 500 miles collectively as a Virtual Rider team
  • Climb 100 flights of stairs in 10 days
  • Attend 25 Spin or Zumba classes
  • Hike 2,500 feet in elevation
  • Walk 250,000 steps
  • Complete a race 10K or triathlon

Not-So-Physical Activities

  • Perform 25 hours of community service
  • Perform 25 random acts of kindness
  • Read 25 books

Throw a Party

  • Host a wine tasting. Ask guests to bring a block of cheese and a donation.
  • Host a BBQ. Ask guests to bring their favorite condiment and a donation.
  • Host an Ice Cream party. Ask guests to bring their favorite topping and a donation.
  • Host a yard sale. Ask friends & family to contribute items with all proceeds toward your goal.
  • Host a game night and have a $30 buy-in. Winners get 50% and 50% goes toward your goal.

Connect to the Cause

  • Knit 25 blankets for an infant/toddler program
  • Sponsor a specific client or family
  • Spend 50 hours tutoring a child.

Maybe you’ll be out of town on Ride Day, maybe you’re volunteering, or perhaps cycling just isn’t your thing. You can still have have a huge impact on at-risk kids in your community by signing up as a Virtual Rider. Visit rodmanforkids.org to register. You can fundraise on behalf of your favorite Affiliate Charity, or you can select Rodman Ride for Kids and fundraise to support all 50 Affiliate Charities. Either way, 100% of every dollar you raise will go directly to the cause.

Get up off your couch (or don’t) and sign up to be a Virtual Rider today!

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