Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center Dedication

Foxborough’s Orpheum Theatre opened in 1912, serving as a silent movie house and Vaudeville stage. Through several iterations, reconstructions, and transformations, the Orpheum has remained central to the community, both in its location at the Foxborough rotary and in its use as a cultural hub in town.
Last fall, the Orpheum was purchased with the intention of making the iconic building a space dedicated to promoting performing arts in the region, providing entertainment to patrons and a chance to perform for so many who have lacked space and opportunity until now.
On January 6, 2018, the Theatre re-opened as the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center. Says the Theatre’s Board Vice President, Rachel Calabrese, “A year ago, when we started talking about saving this theater we discussed how we wanted this to be a home, not only for local theater, but sports groups in their year-end parties. We wanted to bring back movies, we wanted children to see affordable performances locally and be inspired. We discussed how we wanted to help those who are not exposed to theater, performances, magic shows and events be able to also be inspired and not miss out due to lack of financial resources.
We spoke about helping others, using the Orpheum not only to host great productions but also to have local non-profit groups be able to raise funds through us. These things are all so Foxborough—helping others, giving children opportunities, rallying behind good causes, and helping those in our community with financial difficulties.
“And the more we discussed, the more one name came to mind. Marilyn Rodman. These focuses are what this theater is about, and of course, what Marilyn and her program, Theatre for Kids, are about. We are honored to dedicate this theater in her name. A name that symbolizes inspiration of art, a name that symbolizes exposing children to the world of theatre, a name that symbolizes helping others in need. A name that symbolizes our future here at this theater.”
The iconic theater is open for business, and we encourage you to visit and enjoy the arts at the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center.

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