Meet the Kids: Saverio


Congratulations to our America Scores Boston's National Slam candidate, Saverio, whose poem "Stuck" will be featured in the next Men In Blazer's blog The Raven.  Neiel Israel, ASB's Poet in Residence, will be working with Saverio to perfect his performance piece for the National Slam.  In April he will travel to New York City to represent all Boston Poet-Athletes with his performance of his poem, "Stuck".  


I’m stuck! I’m stuck!

I don’t know what to write.
I’m getting really nervous; I really need a pencil to bite! 

I really, really need help with this. 
I can’t think of something. 
The only thing my teacher will say to me is tisk-tisk.

Oh yes, I got it now!
My poem is about to flow.
My mind is telling me “Go.” 

I finally have something to write.  
I better hurry up, I don’t have all night. 
Come on, come on! I got to go!
I know I have something to write.
I know, I know.

Yes, yes, no, no, finally!  I’m done!
I can go outside. I can run!

I feel happy. I feel good. 
I should get a medal for this. 
I should, I should. 

By Saverio M., Dennis Haley K-8 School