Staff Highlight: Maria

Meet Maria Wilson, Rodman for Kids’ newest team member! Maria is joining us in a new role – Events & Program Manager! We first became connected with Maria through her work as the Development Manager of Rodman for Kids’ Charity Partner, The Sports Museum! After leaving The Sports Museum, Maria became the Retail Marketing Manager at Clarks, but realized that nonprofit work was what she felt truly passionate about. We’re so excited to have Maria joining our small but mighty team!

We sat down with Maria to chat a bit more about why she decided to join the Rodman for Kids’ team and what she hopes to see in the future.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your new role!

Maria: I am the brand new (literally) Events & Programs Manager here at Rodman for Kids! My primary responsibility is to oversee and grow our Theatre for Kids program, along with assisting with our other events. I’m also serving as the primary liaison to our 40+ Charity Partners. I also want to be a safe space for all Charity Partners as I’m here to help them succeed in reaching their goals!

Amazing! What inspired you to join us here at Rodman for Kids?

M: I was a Charity Partner for 6 years (shoutout to The Sports Museum!) and loved all of the hard work and commitment from the entire Rodman for Kids team. Don Rodman, Rodman for Kids’ founder, would speak in our meetings and I just loved his passion, his heart, and his bluntness (LOL)! I also share the passion of investing in the youth in our communities in and around Boston. It’s important to immerse kids with programs (such as Theatre for Kids) and resources so that they grow to not only chase their dreams but succeed with confidence. I find this line of work incredibly rewarding!

What aspect of Rodman for Kids’ mission resonates with you the most?

M: Rodman for Kids creates opportunities for youth-focused organizations and the kids in those organizations. Without Rodman for Kids, these kids may never have those opportunities. Rodman for Kids truly does help make a better future possible. Thinking about how Rodman for Kids and our programs can impact kids is incredible. We help them smile, laugh, grow confidence, and teach each kid a little bit more about themselves. Just knowing that the work we do has a great impact makes me love coming into work every single day.

How do you personally connect with the impact Rodman for Kids is making?

M: I look back on my childhood and think about what I was able to experience that helped me form into the person I am today. I am thankful for the great moments, both the challenging and the rewarding. For all of the kids that we impact, I want them to look back one day and remember Rodman for Kids as a great and rewarding organization. I am part of the team that wants to help provide just that. Rodman for Kids’ impact is SO rewarding and incredibly fulfilling – it makes me want to continue to do good and continue to strive to be the best version of myself!

What are your aspirations for Rodman for Kids and how do you hope to contribute to it?

M: Theatre is a HUGE part of my life. I met my best friend through the love of theatre, I’ve made many family memories through theatre, and theatre has given me such joy. Through Rodman for Kids, I want to spread that joy to as many kids as possible! Theatre for Kids may be a 20 year old program, but I want to help it grow to be a major success with tens of thousands of kids participating every year!

AMAZING! One last question, and this is a funny one: What is your favorite decoration in the Rodman for Kids’ office?

M: Ha! In our main conference room, we have “People give to people.” written on the wall. It’s such a simple statement, but more importantly it’s a powerful one. People want to help each other, people want to spread kindness, and people want to wish each other well. As humans, we stumble and fall – and in this current world, it sometimes can be more often than not. But this statement is a constant reminder that we are here to help, we are here to guide, and we are here to spread smiles. I personally appreciate having this small reminder here in the office!

Welcome to the Rodman for Kids’ team, Maria! We’re so excited to have you with us!

If you are like Maria and love the theatre, please consider donating to the Theatre for Kids program – click HERE.

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