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2022 Partner Organization Directory

2022 Partner Organization Expectations: Expectations for all 2022 Partner Organizations

2022 Rodman for Kids Commitment: Commitment to its Partner Organizations



Recorded Meetings

4/14/22: Ride Kick Off Meeting


5/19/22: Rider Recruitment, Virtual Program, & Communicating Incentives 

6/16/22: Marketing Your Ride Campaign


Upcoming Meetings

6/16/22 at 11AM: Marketing Your Ride Campaign (virtual)

8/12/22 at 11AM: TBD

9/8/22 at 11AM: Logistics Meeting (in-person)

10/5/22 at TBD time: Ride for Kids Debrief (in-person)



Fundraising & Incentives

2022 RRFK Incentives

Participant Toolkit: This toolkit for participants is available on our website and linked on every participant’s homepage



2022 Rodman Ride for Kids Sponsor Levels


Donor Drive

Training Videos: Some great refresher videos for everyone or first step for new DonorDrive users.

Donor Drive Offline Gift Guidelines: As a reminder, all offline donations should go to your Partner Organization, not to the Rodman for Kids office. Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure your data is accurately tracked and accounted for in our system.

Knowledge Base: Below are some key articles you’ll find helpful, but there are many more resources available in Donor Drive’s Knowledge Base! Note you must be logged in to our admin account on Donor Drive to access the Knowledge Base.


Sample Content From Partner Organizations

Below are a number of emails and documents that your fellow Partner Organizations. You are welcome to borrow their ideas!

Choose Your Own Adventure Email – from Strong Women Strong Girls

Employee Recruiting Idea – from UMass Memorial

Youth Team Fundraising Ideas – from ConfiKids

Team Update email – from Confikids

Email to newly registered participants – from Wildflower

How to Recruit Participants – from Wildflower

Talking Points for Participants – from Wildflower


Branding, Marketing & Events

2022 Ride Registration Video

2021 Ride Video

2021 Ride for Kids Photos

Brand Guide: Please adhere to the guidelines to ensure accurate branding for Rodman for Kids.




Please do not use any logo other than the ones listed below in accordance with our Brand Guide.

Rodman for Kids logo (png)

Rodman for Kids logo (svg)

Rodman for Kids white logo (png)

Rodman for Kids white logo (svg)

Rodman for Kids umbrella logo (png)

Rodman for Kids umbrella logo (svg)

Rodman for Kids Partner Badge logo (png)

Rodman for Kids Partner Badge logo (svg)



The Rodman for Kids 501(c)3 number is 04-3329283